We have different medications available at Crosshands pharmaceuticals and patients can also buy oxycodone online through our website. This medication is used for helping to relieve pain ranging from moderate to severe category. Oxycodone is a generic name and belongs to a kind of drug called opioid or narcotic analgesics. It responds to the pain by working in the brain and helps to feel better. It should be known about how to use the medication and taken as directed by the doctor.

Oxycodone medication is used for different kinds of pains also including ongoing pain or sudden pain due to cancer. The prescription may be given with other pain relieving medicines such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen.


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Oxycodone oral tablet is a prescription medication that’s used to treat moderate to severe pain. It’s a type of medication called an opioid

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How to Use?

The pharmacist or the doctor should always be consulted before including it in your regimen. It is available in a liquid form, a concentrated solution, a capsule and in a tablet form and the former type should be measured with the help of a spoon or measuring device. And if someone is taking tablets, it is best to swallow it one at a time with plenty of water without presoaking, wetting or licking the tablet. It is advised not to crush or chew the oxycodone tablet that is available under Oxaydo brand name. It is also not good to give it through the nasogastric tube.
Besides these forms, it is also available in extended-release or long-acting tablet form with name, ‘Oxycontin’ and in the extended-release capsule with name, ‘Xtampza ER’ that is taken by mouth. The previous form tablet is taken every 12 hours and can be taken with or without food whereas the latter capsules are taken every 12 hours with food. A proper amount of food should be taken every time before consuming the capsule. If anyone has a problem swallowing the capsules, it can be sprinkled in food items like yogurt, pudding, jam, ice cream, etc. and should be consumed immediately. Always take medications as prescribed by the physician or doctor

Side Effects And Dealing With Them:

There are certain reactions from the body and side effects that the patient has to bear with while taking oxycodone tablets. And these are withdrawal symptoms, i.e. when patients suddenly stop taking medication, these include restlessness, runny nose, watery eyes, mood changes, flushing, constipation, muscle aches, nausea, dizziness, vomiting, sweating, etc. Also, it is best not to consume any drug or alcohol while taking this medication as it may result in addiction.
To deal with side effects such as constipation, the patient is advised to have dietary fiber, exercise and drink enough water. If it persists for longer, you may also be advised to use a stool softener. And for risk of lightheadedness and dizziness, help yourself by getting up slowly when rising from lying position or sitting.

Buy Oxycodone Online From A Reliable Medium

Buying oxycodone medication from an online store makes it convenient as many pharmacies available near you may not make it available. However, it should be taken care of the standard of the online store and it should be a reputed one that delivers you the right and fresh medicines. Always check the expiry dates of your medicines before consuming them directly. Having faith in your seller and your medicine will help you ease pain faster and effortlessly.